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Windows XP, SP3 & Office 2003 Support to End

Windows XP Upgrades and new Computer options click here Do you have Windows XP computers or laptops in your business?? If yes please read the important information below.. If not great news you are up to date and we are sorry to have bothered you. [hr_dotted] In 2002 Microsoft introduced its Support Lifecycle policy based on customer […]

The New Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium

This lowers the cost to only £1.33 per PC per month and for this you get Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher & Access which is tremendous value! Want to know more about Office 365 for your home or business then just call us on 0121-561-4477 to discuss your requirements. The newest from Office. Office 365 […]

Have you backed up your data today?

  [hr_dotted] Why are backups important? Computers fill our life and our work.  They faithfully accumulate our wedding pictures, our company’s books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone like a flash of lightning. [hr_dotted] Backups protect you from hardware failure Computers are more reliable than ever, so […]